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After years of research and development and countless hours of rigorous testing, we are pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated BANANA NUT BUSTER 3000! The BNB3000's complex geometry is a product of years of scientific research. The incredible brains of the researchers here at RPM CNC Customs have toiled endlessly to bring you a product unsurpassed by any other available on the market today. Utilizing a proprietary formula for calculating Maximum Torque/FG (fucksgiven) we have designed a tool that will not only tighten, but also loosen any 1/2" NPT plug with a 9/16" square drive head.  GUARANTEED!


Each BNB3000 is manufactured from a space-age polymer blend of HDPE and some combination of craft beer and whiskey. The previously stated material composition ensures ease of handling, environmetal fortitude and the ability to withstand bar fights. 


The results are undeniable. Quantities are limited so order now!


Real customer feed back:

"I purchased the BNB3000 and not only did it tighten my boats drain plug, but it also loosened it. Very happy with this purchase. 10/10, would buy again if I could figure out a way to destroy this thing."



Banana Nut Buster 3000 - Drain Plug Wrench

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